Hospitals and nursing homes can cause anxiety. Our teams visit weekly to provide care & comfort.

Being hospitalized or residing in a nursing home, a person can feel vulnerable, anxious or lonely. We have a team of compassionate and praying people who visit people hospitalized locally each day of the week to bring care and comfort. We also have a team of trained, kind, encouraging people who visit those who are residents in nursing homes, receiving longer-term rehabilitation/care, or are homebound. Individuals on the team develop an ongoing relationship and set up a regular rhythm to visits.

Visitation Training

We provide some training before our Visitation Team members go out into the community. Training is usually offered in the spring and fall of each year. This training is practical, so participants will come away knowing what a basic visit looks like from start to finish. We also work on practical skills and touch on elements of hospital visitation. Interested in becoming part of our Visitation Team? Details for the next training session and registration are below.

Our next Visitation Training:


March 17, 2024


12:30-3:30 pm (lunch is provided)


Room A-118

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to inquire about visitation of a family member,

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