Equipping and Mobilizing

Every saint is called to the ministry, and our passion is to help you discover and answer that call.

The book of Ephesians reveals a life-changing truth - that God has handcrafted every believer with a tremendous purpose in mind: doing good works that change lives and bring glory to Christ (Eph. 2:8-10). Naturally, the questions that follow are how, and where? How has God designed me, and where is He calling me to serve? This is where Equipping and Mobilizing comes in. Our mission is to equip every saint for the work of ministry (Eph 4:11-16) by helping them discover their "Divine Design" - that unique blend of spiritual gifts, personality, life experience, and God-given passion, that Christ has given you to bring blessing and life-changing impact to people everywhere.

Once you know your divine design, we can help you discover where God is calling you to serve, by narrowing down the ministry options to those you feel passionate about and gifted for. We do this through a "no-pressure" approach to ministry called Explore and See. This means you can try a ministry and see if it's the right fit for you. If things don't work out, you are under no obligation to continue, and you are more than welcome to keep trying other ministries until you find your "sweet spot," that place where you experience joy, spiritual growth, and maximum effectiveness in ministry. With that said, we also believe your divine design isn't just limited to serving in church, because you were created to be a blessing in every sphere of life!

Ready to learn more? Come check out our Divine Design Workshop!

What is the Divine Design Workshop?

The Divine Design Workshop is a 3-week journey designed to help you identify the major components of your divine design: your spiritual gifts, personality/social style, God-given passion, and life experiences, all of which God has provided to equip you for a lifetime of ministry.

Ready to find your Divine Design?

The Divine Design Workshop typically runs multiple times each year. Stay tuned for info on the next opportunity!