GO Project / GO Lift Every Church

Submit your request for a Go Project or nominate a church for the GO Lift Every Church initative.

This is how the GO Lift Every Church is structured.

  1. An initial conversation between the local church and Grant Hawes, Quail's Associate Pastor of Global Focus, will determine the viability of the project.
  2. Once viability is established, we will discuss how much labor and finance the local church will be able to contribute to the project.
  3. We expect that the local church will participate in the following ways:
  • Be part of the "GO Pray" event the leads up to the project.
  • Cover the neighborhood invitation aspect of the project.
  • Labor alongside the Quail team at the project itself to the best of their ability.
  • Help put on the "Block Party" element of the project, including invitations to the community on the day of the event.
  • Allow the Quail relationship team to attend the Sunday service of the local church and have a time to say "Thank you for the chance to serve."

It is our hope that together, over time, as the family of Quail endeavors to lift every church and proclaims Christ in Stockton - this city will be transformed just like the local being lifted.