Our children are constantly exposed to messages about sex and relationships. How are we to protect, teach, and encourage our children to adopt the values we would want for them in the area of sexuality? The thought of our children being exposed to sexual values in our culture makes any parent cringe. It only takes a walk by the check out counter at the grocery store or following a friend on Snap Chat to see what our culture communicates about sex and relationships. We may be well intended in wanting our children to learn what is good and honorable about sex but many of us are overshadowed by our own thoughts and feelings about this topic.

What is it that keeps us from talking openly about this great gift God has given us in marriage? When our children are little we think they have time to get older but as the years go by, this topic does not seem to get easier to bring up. 90% of being a good sex educator is someone our child feels comfortable coming to, so it is healthy for us to look squarely at what makes this topic so uncomfortable for us. Let's consider where we have attached negative thoughts and feelings to sex:

  • Have we been sexually taken advantage of or abused? Isaiah 61:3
  • Have we chosen to be in relationships that have not honored God? I John 1:9
  • Do we have a negative view of our body; not able to see what God has created as good? Psalm 139:13
  • Do we fear not having the right words to share? James 1:5
  • Do we think: "My child will make his or her own choices; so what is the point of teaching him or her?" Is. 55:11

As we seek God's Word to heal or admonish us in altering our views and ways, we will be the ones that our children will find it easy to talk with about sex. What an incredible honor and blessing it is to let our children know what kind of plan God has had in motion from the beginning of time! It is amazing that we can convey God's heart to our children by His power and strength and know that God will be the one to help our children make choices that please Him. Let us not shrink back from this wonderful responsibility as a parent!

This verse helps me in this mission:
"He will be the sure foundation for your times, a rich store of salvation and wisdom and knowledge, the fear of the Lord is key to this treasure."
Isaiah 33:6

Kristy Newport

Kristy Newport, LMFT

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