With kids are back in school and MOMS group in session (can I get a HORRAY!?), our morning schedules are less-than-leisurely. As shoes are placed on the wrong feet and oatmeal tossed to the floor, we often forget that we, as wearers of every hat in the house, require a few minutes of “me time” before chaos emerges. Below are a few tips on how adding 15 minutes to your morning routine will set you up for supermom success.

  • Wake up 15 minutes earlier (which means, you go to bed 15 minutes earlier!)
  • *Before your coffee, drink 1 hot cup of water with ½ lemon and 1 tbsp of honey
  • Do the following mini-workout:
    • Stretch
    • 1 minute of high-knee runs
    • 30 crunches
    • 30 squats
    • 30 push-ups
  • Read today’s Daily Devotional from Jesus Calling (there’s an app for that!)
  • A slower start to your morning will ensure a happier rest of your day.

*Consult with your doctor if you have diabetic/sugar restrictions

Andi Schloss

Andi Schloss is a certified fitness trainer who runs Wonder Women Fitness. As a former competitive gymnast, Andi is confident that healthy habits begin early, and encourages mothers to instill these habits through example. She believes in a balance of cookies and crunches, as long as the number of crunches outweighs the number of cookies!

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