Nicole Churchill

Ah, it is finally here — SUMMER!

For a child, this is the one season they wish every day of the year would look like (except Christmas). No need to wake up early, no homework, no responsibilities, just have fun. Summer camps and vacations are on the horizon. Swimming, hanging out with friends, oh the possibilities are endless!

Now as adults we have responsibilities, but summer still has that sense of nostalgia. For most of us, we can still reminisce days of old and can recreate that feeling by planning a week or two of abandonment, a time to hit the “Refresh Button.”

We need to hit that button in our everyday lives and most definitely with our spiritual lives as well. Just like our everyday lives, we get into a spiritual rut.

Proverbs 18:15 says “The heart of the
discerning acquires knowledge, for the
ears of the wise seek it out.”

If you haven’t been a part of a Bible study or a Sunday School class, join one. Instead of reading a summer novel, read and journal a book of the Bible. There are a variety of ways to renew a relationship with our Savior. For those who don’t know Him, this is a perfect opportunity for an introduction. So relax, let go and be refreshed in the Lord!

In Christ,
Nicole Churchill
Women’s Ministry Coordinator

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