Steve Delph

I have been called to help a very small & young team understand & use biblical principles of raising resources that I used the last five years in South America, Eastern Europe, and Africa.I will be taking on a mentoring role to new employees at World Concern to help them learn and establish a more biblical worldview perspective to enhance their effectiveness and Christian witness.

In the field I have been called to establishing a biblical worldview and practices within World Concern. Several informal trainings with international country staff, mainly Kenya Africa so far this year.(see picture) Which I am praying will become a bigger part of my involvement of World Concern hopefully in Chad, & Sudan this next year. It takes time to establish a strong base. We are currently undergoing developing a new strategic plan which will focus less on government funding and target a larger Christian audience. Although we have been guided by transformation our whole history this change will, we hope & pray, will allow us a chance to move the organization toward a clearer transformation model. The dependence on raising funding through more individuals and churches will place a larger head and heart dependence on this worldview. I'm up for the challenge though. World Concern expressed interest in the method of my raising money for organizations and National ministries and would like to see it implemented here within the Transformation Development Program Pilot and subsequent program. I will help establish 2 Corinthians 8-9 principals, although there are other principals this is primary, tand are essential components of not only Christian witness but spiritual growth both personally and collectively as the “Church”. I’m so extremely honored to accept the task.

Monthly trainings using the 5 character qualities of an effective Christian Leader have been my focus this past year... See materials.

PRAYER: Physically to have the strength to give my life sacrificially to others. Financially that God would resource me in a way that would allow my wife to possibly not work. God willing. AND that people will embrace their whole life as a sacrifice to Christ!