As I write this article there is a lot of discussion about the Four Blood Moons theory and the book of the same name. The theory is that when the rare event of 4 “blood moon” (red appearance of the moon) eclipses take place in one year and when they fall on Jewish holy days it is a sign from God that something significant will happen that pertains to the Jewish People. This is happening in 2014-2015.

This month I want to talk to you about the importance of prayer, not only in our individual lives, but also in our life together as a church family.

Hey Dads!
As Father's Day approaches, here are eleven things to keep in mind as you raise your kids...

This month is a benchmark month for Quail in terms of our "home grown" missionary activity. First of all, we welcome back to the states our own Nathan and Valerie Bunting, who are serving at Faith Academy in Manila, Philippines. They will be on furlough for a year and will be with us in Stockton for six months so we will have a lot of time to visit with them.

The question of why it is important to attend church each week has been asked in various forms by people ever since there were worship services to attend. Human beings from all ages and of all ages simply do not like to be told that they need to be disciplined enough to conform their lives around a life style pattern. In our flesh, we all want to “go with the flow” and be free to choose what each day will hold according to our desires.