Elder of the Week ~ Anthony Wade
Commission Leader ~ Ken Olson, Senior Adults
Staff Person ~ Allie Gillet, Assistant to Women’s Ministry
Our Civic Leaders ~ Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House
Global Focus Partner ~ Stockton Law Enforcement Chaplaincy is an organization with over 30 men and women serving the Stockton Police Department. Chaplains are on call to perform ministry day and night to the police officers, victims and families in Stockton’s community.

Hospital ~ Jennilee Lyle (12/14)
Home ~ Ernie Neufeld, Teri Salaices, Melanie Snavely and Betty Turner
Skilled Nursing ~ Modine Blalock, Jim Bluck, Donna Chandler, Pat Franscella, Shirley Graese, Patty Guntert, Jeff Nixon, Harriet Peralta, Gracelyn Preston, Eunice Sloan and Bev Yost
Assisted Living ~ Irene Armstrong, Bill Chandler, Ethel Haase, Velma Hardesty, Roy Henson, Barbara Patrick, Nadine Perry, Faye Sanger and Robert Southard
Long Term Illness ~ Joe Abreo, Kate Baumgarten, Hannah Bell, John Biggs, Kathy Burton, Lillian Carter, Jean Castillo, Burline Covey, Diantha Devers, Aldrene DuVaul, Jeri Gardner-Thompson, Debbie Hirtzel, Arden Hunt, Janice Jones, Denise Jow, Jennilee Lyle, Chenay McCoy, Dennis McDougall, Donna McFall, Carl Nordstrom, Andrea Orgioli, Eloise Potratz, Kelly Reyburn, Cathy Rodriguez, Leticia Seadler, Gloria Valverde and Sue Yee

Congratulations to ~ Nathan & Jenelle Maloy on the birth of their son, Ethan David, on Dec 2. Also to the grandparents, Ron & Debby Larsen and Homer & Sally Maloy.
Grieving ~ Regina Johnson on the death of her mother ~ Also ~ Bill Conley on the death of his mother, Alice Conley, on December 6