This Week's Prayer Needs

Elder of the Week ~ Paul LaMarche
Commission Leader ~ Gary Perata, Property
Staff Person ~ Gail Farley, Director of Growing Tree Preschool
Our Civic Leaders ~ Chuck Winn, San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors Chair
Global Focus Partner ~ Manny Jr. and Jamie Fernandez serve through World Link Ministries in Madrid, Spain. Manny Jr. focuses on helping develop the mission fields where World Link operates, primarily keeping 1,500 church planters funded, and teaching in Spain and Cuba four times a year.

Hospital ~ Charlotte Abreu and Linda Begley
Home ~ Julia Brooks, Chip Dorman, Aldrene Duvaul, Stacy Jovee, Myrna Kimrey, Lydia Islas, Joseph Kelley and Ernie Neufeld
Skilled Nursing ~ Modine Blalock, Jim Bluck, Anne Coykendall, Shirley Graese, Patty Guntert, Jeff Nixon, Harriet Peralta and Eunice Sloan
Assisted Living ~ Irene Armstrong, Bill Chandler, Ethel Haase, Velma Hardesty, Roy Henson, Barbara Patrick, Nadine Perry, Faye Sanger and Robert Southard
Long Term Illness ~ Joe Abreo, Kate Baumgarten, Hannah Bell, Kathy Burton, Lillian Carter, Jean Castillo, Burline Covey, Diantha Devers, Aldrene DuVaul, Jeri Gardner-Thompson, Debbie Hirtzel, Arden Hunt, Janice Jones, Denise Jow, Chenay McCoy, Dennis McDougall, Donna McFall, Carl Nordstrom, Andrea Orgioli, Lamar Parrish, Eloise Potratz, Kelly Reyburn, Cathy Rodriguez, Leticia Seadler, Gloria Valverde and Sue Yee

Congratulations to ~ Rio & Rita Coleman on the birth of their son, Yeshua Rio, on October 5