A recent Western Seminary publication states that 60% of Americans cannot name five of the Ten Commandments. As I read that statistic, I wondered how we at Quail would do on a similar question.  The fact is that we all are fighting the headwinds of a post-Christian culture, and one of the issues is finding ways to be people of the Word.
The consequences of this are obvious. How can we obey the commands of God if we are not aware of them? And how will we experience Spirit led, joy saturated motivation if we miss the rationale and context behind His commands? The cost of not truly reading and studying the Word is that we are placed in the position of children who don’t understand why their parents set certain rules, as they miss the love and wisdom behind them.
In addition, the basic Gospel itself is in jeopardy of being miscommunicated as we are influenced by other than a proper understanding of the Word. In the same survey, 80% of Americans who called themselves Christian thought that “God helps those who help themselves” was a verse in the Bible (It is not!).
This concern is the backdrop for the January sermon series, “Learning to Love the Word.”  In this four- part series based on Howard Hendricks’ wonderful book, “Living by the Book,” we will review reading methodologies, study tips, and Bible interpretation and application skills that every Christian should have and use as they spend time in the Bible. It will be a little different from the typical sermon series in that it will be “method” based. Each sermon will be accompanied by an Activity Sheet that will enable you to put into practice the methods we talk about on Sunday.
I hope that this will bless you for years to come as you develop the simple tools that will enable us all to love the Word!
Pastor Marc