This month we will be engaging once again in our recurring “GO Lift Every Church” program. I am pleased to announce that we will be working to bless the Hmong Christian & Missionary Alliance Church, located at 4040 Clark Dr., on Saturday, July 15.

However, it is not regarding that great day and all the blessings that will occur that I write this article today. Today, I write about what will happen the Saturday before that, July 8, which is the day we will engage in “GO Pray.”

“GO Pray” is a vital link in our ongoing attempt to lift up the churches of Stockton. “GO Pray” is a visit to the campus of the church at which we will work the following Saturday, with the goal of joining together with the leaders and members of that ministry for prayer for the upcoming “GO” project. In the “GO Pray” prayer time, we pray for safety for the workers, witness to the community and God’s blessing for the ongoing work of the church.

Since there are no physical demands and no special skills required to be part of this ministry, this is a perfect participation point for those who want to be part of our mission to Stockton churches, but who may not be able to do the labor related to the actual work project. Those who have a heart for prayer, whether or not they are part of the work project, will find that this experience is a great blessing as it knits the hearts of churches together.

We have had a “GO Pray” element to all of our “GO Lift Every Church” projects. However, I am seeking to raise the visibility and the participation level in this important aspect of the work. Why not be a part of “GO Pray” this month? In the next few weeks you will hear more about this aspect of the work and you will be given a chance to sign up. Robin Gordon leads the “GO Pray” teams and can be an additional source of information. Usually, the whole experience takes about an hour of your time!

Would you consider being part of “GO Pray” on Saturday July 8? Watch for the sign-up opportunity - the blessings could be eternal!

His and yours,

Pastor Marc