In a recent message I ended by sharing three quick points:

  1. You are what you think.
  2. You will think about what you are exposed to.
  3. Therefore, expose yourself to what is pure and positive.

              As I reflect on those points I am struck by how much those truths should drive us to the Word of God. That is the source that ought to be shaping us from the inside out. However, more than at any other time in history we are a people distracted by endless cultural noise. It is easy to give countless hours of thought to that which is nothing other than distraction and allow the Word of God to be crowded out.

How can we ensure that we are being shaped by the Word and not other things? I think that many of us can make good headway in that direction if we would include three simple practices as a part of every day.

Read and reflect on a passage of scripture for five minutes each morning and every night.

Psalm 1: 1-2 talks about a person who delights in the law so much that he pours over the Word of God morning and night. This practice shapes that individual until they become like a deeply rooted tree which yield much fruit. What would it be like for you to build this routine into your mornings and evenings?  I believe it would help create an atmosphere that would shape our behavior all day.

Talk about God’s Word with those around you.

Deuteronomy 6:6-7 reminds us that we are shaped by the Word as we talk about it with our family, and as we walk along the road, as we lay down and get up. You may be surprised how even your unbelieving co-workers would be interested in the verse that you read that morning and what you are thinking about in result of it. By this I do not mean a “lesson” or a scripted presentation but simply allowing conversation about your time in the Word of God to become as natural as discussion of TV shows.

Listen to the Word in the empty periods of your day.

Much of the Word of God was intended to read aloud for people to listen to. You can download or purchase audio version of the Bible that are excellent for the time on the commute or in-between engagements, while exercising etc. Even as the Word is playing the background it will begin to shape you more than you might think.

These simple practice allow us to be more ready to think God's thoughts, discover our own blind spots, be fed spiritually and be ready to challenge the godless assumptions of our culture.


Pastor Marc