The Water/Recycle Ministry has blessed me in so many ways, that I can't even come close to describe. When Sherry Madison (now in Ohio, with family) approached me in August 2012 to join her to start a Recycle Program at Quail...I thought...why not? Little did I know how blessed I would be at the growth of this ministry and the people who would become so close to me, because of this ministry.

I have seen 'regulars' contribute to Recycle weekly, I have received gifts from those who have passed by and only God would have known how much these gifts have meant to me.

I have been able to talk with teens, that would have been under the radar for me, if it weren't for Recycle. They are struggling with life and the challenges ahead of them. When we have morning prayer requests, I know that they have their future ahead of them with so much change around them. Only God can protect them.

Thank you for your support and many SALT members have contributed and supported the Water/Recycle Ministry and I can only say 'What goes around, comes around'...God is full of surprises!
I will continue to support the Water/Recycle Ministry as it goes forward.

Thank you, Lord, for using me these past four years,
Karen Weber

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