Missions at Quail Lakes Baptist Church

The mission of the Quail Lakes Baptist Church Missions Commission is to enable God’s people to fulfill God’s plan of making disciples in the entire world.

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Vision Statement

To provide the means to make Christ fully known within every cultural setting, to equip and support people and agencies whose goal is to make Him known in a way that is both understandable and culturally responsible and relevant.

The key purposes that enable us to accomplish our mission and vision are:

  • Motivating: helping the church develop a heart for the world
  • Recruiting: challenging our members to participate in missions related activities
  • Training: equipping our members to be missionaries
  • Sending: doing everything necessary to get them to the field
  • Partnering: extending our reach around the world
  • Supporting: meeting their ongoing needs as missionaries

Global Focus Partners - Contents


John Brouwer (Entrust) COM_SECTIONEX_RSS

John Brouwer ministers in Eastern Europe with Entrust ministries. John spends his time teaching courses in Foundations of Christian Faith and Formation, Christian Character and mentoring students at the Karoli Gasper Christian University in Budapest, Hungary.

As John puts it “My mission is to creatively communicate the reconciling message of Jesus Christ to leaders and potential leaders, so that as their lives are transformed, the surrounding culture is transformed. I do this through teaching, mentoring and publishing.”

Monty & Tanya Buck (Operation Mobilization) COM_SECTIONEX_RSS

Monty helps spread the gospel in South Central Siberia by helping shepherd a small church, and through outreach and discipling of new and established believers for the glory of God.

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Nathan and Valerie Bunting (Wycliffe) COM_SECTIONEX_RSS

Aug. 4 – Nathan & Valerie Bunting serve with Wycliffe Bible Translators at Faith Academy in the Philippines where they teach and mentor children of missionaries. The Bunting’s will be transitioning from being dorm. parents back into teaching roles. Valerie will be teaching 4th grade and Nathan will be the school guidance counselor.

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Manny Fernandez (World Link Ministries) COM_SECTIONEX_RSS

Manny Fernandez is the director of World Link Ministries and the Spanish Seminary for Theological and Evangelistic Training (SEFOVAN). This ministry is dedicated to training and deploying national leaders, promoting discipleship and evangelizing unchurched people in southern and Eastern Europe, North Africa, and Cuba. They have had great success in reaching the lost in many of these countries.

Manny Fernandez Jr. and Jamie (World Link Ministries) COM_SECTIONEX_RSS

Manny Fernandez Jr. along with his wife Jamie are serving in Spain with World Link Ministries where Manny is teaching and mentoring students in preparation for full time ministry in Spanish speaking countries.

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Joan-Henry Farr (Wycliffe) COM_SECTIONEX_RSS

Joan (Henry) Farr serves with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Papua New Guinea. Joan spent 20 years working on translating the Bible into the Kombio language and is now working with her husband, Jim, also a Wycliffe translator, with the Baruga and Korafe languages. They anticipate delivering fully translated New Testaments in both languages in early 2018!

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Marcos and Veronica Schultz (Olive Tree Ministries) COM_SECTIONEX_RSS

Marcos & Veronica Schultz lead the Olive Tree Ministries out of Porvenir, Mexico. Marcos enjoys a national platform as a conference speaker and contributor to various Christian publications. His main ministry is to motivate and challenge Latin ministers and churches for the nations.

Jonathan and Traci Shoemaker (EV Free Missions) COM_SECTIONEX_RSS

Jonathan & Traci Shoemaker are our partners in Lisbon, Portugal. Jonathan is now able to teach and preach in the Portuguese language! Both he and Traci are involved in teaching and training of young seekers and Christians through the church in Lisbon. They are also working with an international team in planting a new church in the city.

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Steve Delph (World Concern) COM_SECTIONEX_RSS

Steve Delph is the regional Director for Partners International. Partners International is a global ministry that works to create and grow communities of Christian witness in partnership with God’s people in the least Christian regions of the world. Steve travels to various parts of the world helping to train and equip Christian leaders to reach their part of the world for Christ.

John Dupree (Harvest Group) COM_SECTIONEX_RSS

John Dupree serves through Harvest Gathering, a group dedicated to educating and motivating individuals and churches to fulfill the Great Commission by means of special seminars and courses of study.

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Don Blythe (At the Well) COM_SECTIONEX_RSS

Don Blythe serves our community through At the Well Ministries. Don confronts those going into clinics seeking abortions and offers alternative choices and counseling.

Bob and Lisa Margaron (World Gospel Mission) COM_SECTIONEX_RSS

Bob & Lisa Margaron are directors of Peniel Mission in South Stockton. The center is a drop-in center for inner city kids where they can find a safe atmosphere and loving acceptance. The goal of the center is to give faith, hope and love to kids and show them a healthy alternative to gangs and drugs. Through Bible Club, recreation, crafts, snacks, camps and the Learning Center Bob and Lisa seek to introduce kids to Christ.

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Christina McBride (World Gospel Mission) COM_SECTIONEX_RSS

After assisting Bob and Lisa Margaron with teaching and mentoring at the Peniel Center, Christina has embarked on a new mission—in the border town of McAllen, TX. Aside from teaching at Taylor Christian School, Christina is learning Spanish to assist her efforts to spread the message of God’s love to the heavily Hispanic community. She also supports the kids and families who attend the many Christ-centered activities at the Taylor Christian Community Center and assists with bookkeeping. She works through World Gospel Mission.


Stockton Law Enforcement Chaplaincy COM_SECTIONEX_RSS

An organization with over 30 men and women serving the Stockton Police Department, chaplains are on call to perform ministry day and night to the police officers, victims and families in Stockton’s community.

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Joel Wurgler (Youth for Christ) COM_SECTIONEX_RSS

Joel Wurgler is the Executive Director for Youth For Christ in Stockton. Joel oversees this extensive youth ministry that holds school workshops in anger management, substance abuse counseling and gang prevention/intervention.

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Saul & Sanna Karosas (City Church—Lithuania) COM_SECTIONEX_RSS

Pastors of the City Church in Klaipeda, Lithuania, Saul and Sanna also operate a ministry center focused in the much-needed areas of addictions and counseling. Heavily involved with Bill Hybels (Willowcreek Community Church), Saul has strong ties to the country’s leadership and business community, which has opened the door to an important church plant in the capital city of Vilnius.

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Dan Torres (Youth for Christ) COM_SECTIONEX_RSS

Dan Torres serves on the staff of San Joaquin Valley Youth for Christ as Assistant Director of Substance Abuse and Point Break Workshops. He oversees programs and ministries that deal with at risk teens.


Ralph and Julie Roberts (InterVarsity Christian Fellowship) COM_SECTIONEX_RSS

A husband and wife team, Ralph dedicates his energies towards evangelizing on the University of the Pacific (UOP) campus by leading Bible studies, conferences and leadership training sessions, and through mentoring. Julie performs the same duties at Delta College.




Luke Everett is the director of Rancho Sordo Mudo in Mexico. The Ranch takes in deaf children during the school year and feeds, houses and gives the kids an education. Many of the children have never learned sign language and must be taught this before they can learn other subjects. The Ranch also provides training to prepare the young people to make a living for themselves and not be dependent on others to care for them. Along with their training the children are taught about Jesus and introduced to Him as their Savior.


Global Focus Partners COM_SECTIONEX_RSS

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Daniel and Katie Lamb (ABWE) COM_SECTIONEX_RSS

Lamb Family

Based in the small city of Cha Am, Thailand, pop. 40,000, the Lambs are driven by a deep conviction to spread the gospel message to other peoples based on Romans 10:13-15. In a city which is 99% Buddhist and with only 7 known Christians, Daniel and Katie are hard at work establishing themselves among the locals, evangelizing, discipling new believers and focused on planting the first Christian church. They are aided in their efforts by their two young daughters Kamryn and Penelope and are there under the auspices of Hearts and Hands Foundation.

Gonzalo Gonzalez (Hispanics for Christ) COM_SECTIONEX_RSS

Gonzalez Family

Gonzalo, along with his wife Rebecca and their three daughters, is active in church planting in the region of Baja Norte, California. Largely Catholic and poor, this region is characterized by migrant workers as well as American visitors and very few evangelical churches. Hard-working and passionate followers of Jesus, they are there under Gateway Teams and Hispanics for Christ.

Nikki Lowery (Pregnancy Help Center, Stockton) COM_SECTIONEX_RSS

**Photo Coming Soon!**

As Executive Director of the Pregnancy Help Center of Stockton, Nikki puts programs in place that focus on loving, accepting, encouraging and equipping moms through the love of Jesus Christ to make healthy, life-affirming family choices. The Pregnancy Help Center offers a wide variety of free, confidential services to girls, women and families facing an unplanned pregnancy.

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**Photo Coming Soon!**

Partnering with Adventures in Missions, Morgan is embarking on an 11-month, 11-country mission adventure called the World Race. Designed to launch youth into their Kingdom calling, World Race involves intensive discipling for its participants while they support and encourage local churches with their ministries which will include street evangelism, discipleship and ministering to victims of human trafficking and to orphanages. Morgan leaves Stockton in January 2015 and will spend a month each in the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Ireland, Bulgaria, Moldova and Romania. Her missionary adventures can be followed on her blog: http://morganmorales.theworldrace.org/

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Kaben and Jenn Kramer (Global Fellowship) COM_SECTIONEX_RSS

Jenn & Kaben Kramer work with Global Fellowship mission agency in the least reached areas of the world where people have little or no access to a church or to the gospel. Their primary focus is to keep in contact with and visit area missionaries in order to encourage and help train them in their efforts to spread the gospel in the regions where they are based. And, working in partnership with local missionaries and evangelists, Jenn and Kaben help evangelize, disciple new believers and establish churches. 

Gospel Center Rescue Mission—Stockton COM_SECTIONEX_RSS

**Photo Coming Soon!**

Gospel Center Rescue Mission  has been serving our community since 1948 by providing emergency lodging, food, clothing and programs to help those in need overcome addictions, complete their education; learn job skills, life skills, parenting, and how to come into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Pray that God will continue to provide the means necessary to continue this essential ministry.

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**Photo coming Soon!**

A small, yet highly relational community center, RESTORE Stockton provides educational classes to develop life skills, tutoring for local youth, distributes food to hungry families, runs rehabilitative housing and in general provides aid to those who need help. RESTORE is also working to develop a community garden and organizes tours that show others how they can get involved in the city. 

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Chain of Love, Brazil (NAB) COM_SECTIONEX_RSS

**Photo Coming Soon!**

Founded by NAB missionaries in 1993, Chain of Love addresses the issue of homeless and abandoned children in Novo Hamburgo, Brazil by raising these kids in home settings staffed by specially-trained foster parents. The 90 or so kids housed in the ministry’s eleven homes have their physical, social, spiritual and psychological needs met through various Christ-centered programs and the larger Chain of Love community.

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James and Therese Barron (ABWE) COM_SECTIONEX_RSS

**Photo Coming Soon!**

Jim equips local church leaders to reach their own people with the Gospel by helping them develop a deeper understanding of God’s word. Much of his time is spent mentoring local pastors one-on-one and navigating a political and legal system that is not receptive towards evangelism.

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Cherylann Sammons (She is Safe, India) COM_SECTIONEX_RSS

Cherylann Sammons

Cherylann leads all She is Safe work throughout India. She works closely with indigenous field partner leaders, bringing best practices and training to equip women and girls to build lives of freedom and faith for a strong future. Cherylann prevents abuse and slavery through the SIS brand of self-help groups or Transformation Groups, while also leading their Anti-Trafficking partnerships that rescue and restore little girls out of brothels.

New Hope Family Shelter COM_SECTIONEX_RSS

**Photo Coming Soon!**

The New Hope Family Shelter, part of Gospel Center Rescue Mission--Stockton's family of ministries, offers six-month transitional programs located in a modern facility in South Stockton. Designed to move women and their families back into stability and help them fulfill God's best in their lives, women learn to beat susbstance abuse and gain critical job-seeking skills in the New Life Program - Life Skills curriculums.

Acceptance to the New Hope Family Shelter includes nutritious meals, access to clothing, a semi-private room (or a private room where children are involved), individual counseling, computer training in their adult and children's Learning Center, addiction treatment, a four-hour daily work assignment, and evening chapel services.

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Stockton Leadership Foundation COM_SECTIONEX_RSS

**Photo Coming Soon!**

The Stockton Leadership Foundation is a faith-based non-profit comprised of civic, business, and religious leaders devoted to the physical, social and spiritual transformation of greater Stockton. As followers of Jesus Christ, they seek to connect to people of faith from across the community with others of good will to renew the community.



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Haven of Peace, French Camp, CA COM_SECTIONEX_RSS

French Camp-based Haven of Peace provides emergency shelter for homeless single women and women with children. Clients stay free of charge while they are provided the tools to help them become self-sufficient. Haven of Peace offers case management, referrals, job search, transitional housing, support groups and lay counseling. Olga Rodriguez oversees operations as its Executive Director.

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Tony Dunaway (NAB/Every Orphan’s Hope) COM_SECTIONEX_RSS

Tony Dunaway is involved in caring for orphans and widows in Zambia with Every Orphan’s Hope (EOH). He was first introduced to global orphan care in 2010 during a trip to Haiti following the devastating earthquake, which led him to pursue a ministry change where he could serve and share Christ’s love internationally.

Nathan Yee (Global Fellowship) COM_SECTIONEX_RSS

Nathan Yee

With the vision to go and reach the areas of the world with the least evangelical presence, Nathan is Global Fellowship’s man on the ground in Mexico. His goal is to reach all of Mexico with the gospel by equipping and mobilizing workers and teams to venture into the least reached areas of the country, some of them strongholds of deeply pagan religions and cultures.

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David and Raegan Cicileo COM_SECTIONEX_RSS

Cicileo Family

David and Raegan Cicileo are missionaries to the inner-city of Stockton, California. They founded Restore, an organization whose mission is to train missionaries who will go to the at-risk, outcast, and forgotten people of our cities. Restore's focus is developing relationships with the residents of local communities through one-on-one mentoring and community gardening programs. They currently have 18 full time missionaries and reach nearly 500 youth in Stockton. Restore has also expanded to Ventura, California and Roatan, Honduras.

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Jessica Zastrow (Greek InterVarsity) COM_SECTIONEX_RSS

Jessica Zastrow

A campus ministry dedicated to reaching students in fraternities and sororities on college campuses, Greek InterVarsity’s vision is to see the lives of fraternity and sorority members transformed, the Greek systems on their campuses renewed, and to see leaders emerge from these settings who will go on to change the world for the sake of the Kingdom. After joining a sorority at Sonoma State University, God gave Jessica a love for Greeks and a heart to see Jesus work in this area of campus life that often goes unreached.

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