Quail Pine Car Race
Fathers Day Weekend –
Saturday, June 17th and Sunday, June 18th – 2017

What everyone needs to know…

1)  This event is designed to connect fathers and “father figures” to kids by   working and playing together

2) Boys and girls ages 3 to 8 must participate with an adult / we hope ages    9-13 participate with an adult also

3) This is a FREE event – each child and adult will receive one car kit AT THE PARK and some materials to customize the look of their car while at the park – PLUS Saturday includes: chili dogs and ice cream and various other snacks. Sunday includes lunch for all that attend Saturday in the park (coupons will be given out)

4)  Saturday, June 17th from 11am to 1pm join us at Atherton Park next to the Quail campus – cars will be built and customized.

5)  Sunday, June 18th Father’s Day at Quail Lakes Baptist Church – cars will be raced and / or entered into the “BEST LOOK” contest.

6)    Once a “team” receives their Pine Car kit, they can modify THAT car in any way they want, but ALL entries on Sunday must be cars that were distributed on Saturday. No other cars may be entered.

Saturday Details… 11am
-    Look for us at Atherton Park next to the Quail Campus– look for the tables   and “Everyone Welcome” banners.
-    Kits will be given (free)  on a first come-first serve basis until we run out.
-    We will supply tables and chairs, sandpaper and basic colors to customize your car.
-    FREE chili dogs and ice cream and various other snacks will be
     available while supplies last.
-    The event will end at 1pm.
-    Cars can be customized after the park event, work all night if you want to        just have fun!

Sunday Details…
-    Come to Quail Lakes Baptist Church campus.
-    Car “check-in” begins at 10am and will close at 10:45am
-    The total number of cars to be raced may be limited, come-first entered.
-    Races will be “only winner advances” to next heat.
-    Heats will begin at 11am.
-    FREE lunch will be served at 11am to 11:30 & then again at 12:30 for everyone with a coupon from Saturday – everyone else will pay. – 
-    The event will end around 1:30pm - depending on how many entries there