Hello, my name is Jenelle Maloy and I’m the Jr. High interim Director at Quail Lakes Baptist Church. Along with my husband, Nathan, we have the privilege of leading Quail’s Jr. High students through this school year.

Nathan is a full time teacher, we have three boys (that keep us moving on our toes), and are active in our community. Our free time is spent playing baseball, basketball, board games, and taking bike rides with our children.

Our goal for this year centers on Matthew 7:24. Jesus speaks about the importance of building on a foundation made of rock. Jr. High can be a difficult time, and we believe having a strong foundation built on Christ is crucial in handling, and getting through, life’s struggles.

In the fall, Sundays will focus on Ephesians and how Paul teaches about our purpose for God and what that looks like. In the winter/spring we will be going through a video series about creation. On Wednesday nights, we’re going through Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, and teaching about Jesus’ commands for us to live a Godly life. Nathan and I are passionate about God’s word and the truth it holds. We look forward to spending this year helping the youth grow their foundation on Christ.

Many blessings,
Jenelle and Nathan Maloy

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