Our QUAIL WATER MINISTRY TEAM takes your recyclables every Sunday to fund the installation of clean-water wells in small communities around the world. Paired with a strong gospel message, community outreach and a missions team, these wells have made a powerful impact for Jesus.

We took a quick peek behind the scenes at The Barn one Sunday, just to see what goes on there. This is just one of several teams that rotate to take your recyclables between church services. Interestingly, this team's leader, Rick Du Bois, will be heading back out this April with Cindy Myers DuBois and our GUATEMALA team to install a new well.

So keep those recyclables coming, y'all! And thank you! (If you would like to serve on the recyclables team, leave a note for Karen Weber in the office.)

To see more photos of the team in action, check them out on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/QuailLakesBaptist/posts/981711575230164