The KidCheck system will be used for all Children's Ministry programming and age groups.

To learn about and interact with our new checkin system, KidCheck, please go to this article.


Pickup and Dropoff ~ Adults must always pick up and drop off at the Nursery.

8:30 ~ Age Appropriate Programming and Care

10:00  ~ Age Appropriate Programming and Care

11:30 ~ Age Appropriate Programming and Care

NOTE ~ Make sure child's belongings are clearly labeled.

NOTE ~ If you are a guest or are not comfortable leaving your infant alone, there is a family room located just outside the sanctuary next to the Womens' restroom.

NOTE ~ There is a Nursing room for moms only, accessible only through the Womens' restroom.

Preschoolers Ages 2 - Kindergarten

Pickup and Dropoff ~ Children in this age group must always be picked up and dropped off by an adult. They must check in at the preschool, located on the 1st Floor of the E-Building.

8:30 ~ Preschool-Style Children's Church

10:00  ~ Sunday School

11:30 ~ Preschool-Style Children's Church

Elementary grades 1 - 4

Pickup and Dropoff ~ This age group must be dropped off by adults for 1st and 2nd service (They are escorted from the sactuary from 3rd). They must always be picked up in person by an adult.

8:30 ~ Kids may be checked in and dropped off on the 1st floor of the E-Building (Preschool) for Early Birds Kids’ Church. At the end of this service all kids must be picked up by an adult.

10:00 ~ At this hour 1st Graders may go to E211, 2nd Graders to E208, 3rd Graders to E210 and 4th Graders to E209. Kids may be checked in at 9:45 and picked up (promptly) following the service.

11:30 ~ All kids in this section will start in the sanctuary, then be dismissed and escorted by leaders to E307 east. 

Preteen Grades 5 - 6

Pickup and Dropoff ~  We do not require that this group be escorted by adults, they are dismissed at the end of class. However, we do reccomend parents pre-arrange a meeting spot.

8:30 ~ Encouraged to attend worship service with parents.

10:00 ~ Sunday School is held in room E307 West. Stairs are located on either side of the education building or there is an available elevator. 

11:30 ~ Encouraged to atttend worship service with parents or leaders also attending the service.

NOTE ~ Kids in this age group also have the ability to begin serving in ministry. If you would like more information on serving opportunities for kids, please contact the Interim Director of Children and Family Ministries, Mike Tackett, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .