A common human dilemma involves trying to meet our own needs in ways that are more hurtful than helpful to ourselves and others. The frequent result is dissatisfying shallowness, painful despair, or the trap of an addiction. Real solutions are found when we develop an understanding of, and choose to live in harmony with, God’s truth as revealed in the Bible. A personal relationship with Jesus Christ is the ultimate key to having our needs met.

Our Lay Counseling Ministry is intended to provide an accepting atmosphere where people can gain insights and sort out their needs. This is accomplished through “one-on-one” sessions with a trained listener who will ask key questions and facilitate your discovery process. The growth and change needed to overcome problems rises from a willingness of the individual to assume responsibility for the issues at hand and to actively apply practical steps consistent with God’s truth.

The Counseling Ministry also includes a wide variety of Support Groups and the Celebrate Recovery Program under the direction of Associate Pastor Randy Mitrovich and Laura Williams.

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