There are three components to The Discipleship Experience.  The process covers a three year span, meeting once a week for two hour sessions, from September to April.  We use curriculum developed by VantagePoint3. Our primary text is the Bible, but there are additional readings for each component.  Here is an overview of the three major components:
THE JOURNEY – invites you into a personal exploration of three primary questions in your life: Who is God?  Who am I?  What does God desire to do through me?
Stage 1: Biblical Foundations – invite us into an exploration and appreciation of Scripture’s transforming role for a lifetime of growth and service.
Stage 2: Personal Foundations – invites us to take an inventory of our story, recognizing God’s already present work along the way.
Stage 3: Relational Foundations – invites us to see the importance of relationships in our lives as a necessity in how we are formed into people of integrity, compassion and influence.

A WAY OF LIFE – encourages greater attention to and alignment with God’s gracious way in your life, your community and the world.
Stage 1: Friendship with God – invites us to pay attention to a life of growing intimacy and communion with God.
Stage 2: Community with Others – invites us to pay attention to a life of being with others as God’s people.
Stage 3: Mission on the Way – invites us to pay attention to a life of being sent into the world.

WALKING WITH OTHERS – is designed for those people who are concerned with helping others grow up into Christ, learning to become developers of others, guiding them toward a deeper maturity and faithfulness.
Stage 1: A Place of Learning and Formation – discusses cultivating conditions for our community to become a place of greater wisdom, integrity, compassion, giftedness and service.
Stage 2: A Lifelong Perspective – encourages understanding God’s already present work in each other’s maturing into Christ, paying attention to developmental cues along the way.
Stage 3: A Leadership of Companionship – draws us into the importance of mentoring, a relational way of life caught as well as taught interpersonally, life-upon-life.
For additional information on any aspect of The Discipleship Experience, please contact John Edenfield, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or Deborah Knoeb in the office, 951-7380.